Souvenirs in Canada – art or trash

Souvenirs in Canada - art or kitsch

Update 3. March 2024

As souvenirs in Canada, typical Inuit arts and crafts, such as graphics and sculptures made of soapstone, are particularly popular. By the way, the Canadian Inuit are the people with the highest percentage of artists worldwide. However, depending on the degree of popularity of the artists, the prices can be quite high. The cheap souvenirs that can often be bought in the “trading posts” are mostly cheap imports from the Far East.

Souvenirs in Canada - Trading post Algonquin Park
Souvenirs in Canada – Trading post Algonquin Park
Typical souvenirs from HBC - Hudson's Bay Company
Typical souvenirs from HBC – Hudson’s Bay Company
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Indian crafts such as beaded embroidery, moccasins, breast pouches or dreamcatchers are also popular souvenirs. But always pay attention, because a lot of articles are also produced in the Far East. Even the famous Canadian HBC (Hudson’s Bay Company) lets their products with the distinctive colorful stripes be manufactured in China. And as these products are not really cheap travel souvenirs, this is a definite “no go” for me. If more expensive souvenirs from Canada, then they should have been produced in that country as well.

Regarding all other souvenirs, i.e. the typical things like T-shirts, pins, caps, porcelain cups, glasses, soft toys etc., you have to accept that they are not produced in Canada.

Products made from maple syrup, Canadian whiskey or Canadian (Ice) wine may be the better choice when it comes to authenticity for souvenirs in Canada. You are also not wrong with special coins, smoked salmon or ice cider.

Canadian Dollar special edition
Canadian Dollar special edition