Trip through Western Ontario

Trip through Western Ontario

Update 3. March 2024

3-4 weeks trip through Western Ontario – 2500-3500 km

A trip that takes you to Niagara Falls at first. Passing Manitoulin Island then, following the Great Lakes, to Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you like, even to the edge of the Arctic. Not a round trip like the other route suggestions, but a journey full of contrasts – from the vibrant life in Toronto to the peace and tranquility of the Great Lakes. A trip through western Ontario with great potential.

From Winnipeg you fly back to Europe, which of course requires the booking of an open jaw flight. You should also note that there is a “drop off fee” for the rental car, as it will not be returned at the pick-up location. The motor home is to be preferred to a car or minivan for this trip.

Discover nature in Western Ontario

The experience of nature is definitely the focus of this ride. Crossing the Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin Island, you will drive along the Great Lakes to Thunder Bay, passing Sault St. Marie, Wawa, Lake Superior Prov. Park and Pukaskwa National Park. The journey continues through the beautiful Lake of the Woods region to Kenora. From there it is still about 200 km to Winnipeg. Between Thunder Bay and Kenora you will cross the time border between Eastern and Central Normal Time in Upsala. Set your watch back another hour (=MEZ -7 hours). Although it is “only” 2500 km in total, this nature experience should be worth 3 weeks to you.

Side trip to the near north of Canada

On this route there are plenty of options for interesting detours. One of them would be a drive through Timmins to Cochrane. From there you can take the Polar Bear Express to Moosonee at James Bay. This extends your trip including the train ride by a good 1400 km. So please plan for the corresponding travel time. Keep in mind that you are travelling in a lonely region. You will not find the usual tourist attractions here. Please ask for information about excursions or sightseeing tours locally.

Track for your journey through Western Ontario

The track is divided into sections (these are not stage sections). Select a section with the track pictogram on the map. You can scan the distances in the diagram. If you click on the markers, you ‘ll get more information with links. Ok – despite responsive, on a fiddly cell phone this is of course a pesky groping. Plan relaxed on your PC or tablet.

Plan your own round trips here

Destination Link Destination Link
A Toronto
Agawa Canyon

Niagara On The Lake
Lake Superior
B Niagara Falls
Lake Superior Pr. Park
C Kitchener

St. Jacobs

Owen Sound
Neys Prov. Park

Bruce Peninsula
Rainbow Falls Pr. Park
D Tobermory F Thunder Bay

Ferry Tobermory
Kakabeka Falls

Manitoulin Island
Kashabowie Pr. Park
E Manitowaning G Fort Frances

Nestor Falls

Georgian Bay
Lake On The Woods

North Channel H Kenora

Sault Ste. Marie I Winnipeg

Further Informations
Pukaskwa N.P.
Lake Ontario 
CN Tower Toronto
Niagara wineries
Lake of the Woods Museum
Sleeping Giant

Side trip to Moosonee via Timmins and Cochrane, about 1400 km additional

The trip will bring you to the largest wetland on earth. There is not much to see there except nature. Find out well in advance if there are overnight accommodations, guided tours or other things you might expect.

Moosonee originally was a trading post of the Hudson Bay Company and is only accessible from Cochrane by train or plane. Allow yourself this nature experience at the edge of the Arctic. This section of the route is also suitable for extending the “Round trip Eastern Canada“.

Ziel Link
A Sudbury
B Timmins
C Cochrane


Polar Bear Express
D Wawa

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