Motor homes in Canada – Recreational vehicles

Motor homes in Canada - Recreational vehicles

Update 3. March 2024

Canada is very suitable for traveling with a recreational vehicle. Well developed roads and excellent RVs campsites allow relaxed driving and overnight stays even with large motor homes. However, motor homes in Canada are not an inexpensive way to travel.

The rates for motor homes in Canada vary depending on size, equipment, rental period and distance travelled. Travelling by motor home offers a great amount of independence, especially in rural areas. However, it is definitely not a cheaper alternative to other types of travel (rental car*, hotel, motel, bus or train). In addition to the pure rental costs you have to add the expenses for insurance. Costs for extra kilometres, convenience kit, fuel and fees for the campsites are on top, too. This often adds up to an amount that can also be used to finance a trip with stays in hotels.

As the request in summer is very high, early reservation is recommended. When making a reservation, please note that some rental companies have excluded special travel routes. Check these exclusions carefully if you plan to travel to remote regions or to the USA.

A real economic choice to travel with a motor home is to travel with a minivan in combination with overnight stays in motels, which you can find in almost every city and which are offered quite affordable.