Road trip planner – Round trips eastern Canada

Road trip planner Canada - Round trips eastern Canada

Update 3. March 2024

Round trips eastern Canada – Road trip ideas Eastern Canada

Road trip planner – Round trips eastern Canada

Round trip Québec and Ontario

Start this round trip Québec and Ontario suggestion in Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto. These three cities are regularly served from Europe. There… read more

Grand round trip Québec and Ontario

Grosse Rundfahrt Quebec und Ontario

This grand round trip Eastern Canada across Québec and Ontario is almost identical to the shorter tour through Quebec and Ontario. But here there is an… read more

Journey through the western part of Ontario

Reise durch den Westen von Ontario

A trip that takes you to Niagara Falls at first. Passing Manitoulin Island then, following the Great Lakes, to Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you like, even to the edge of the Arctic … read more

Complementary trips Saguenay – Saint Lawrence River – Gaspésie

Ergaenzungsrouten Saguenay - St. Lorenz Strom - Gaspésie

These trips Eastern Québec and Gaspésie are intended as extensions to the trips through Eastern Canada. However, you can combine these two short routes very well. This… read more

Atlantic Provinces, „The Maritimes“, Nova Scotia – New Brunswick – Newfoundland

Atlantik Provinzen - Die Maritimes - Nova Scotia-New Brunswick-Newfoundland

If you are interested in the Atlantic Provinces Canada – The Maritimes, please give yourself 4 weeks time. It is also working in 3 weeks, but many interesting locations you … read more

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