Roads in Canada – Canadien highways

Roads in Canada - Canadien highways

Update 3. March 2024

Trans Canada Highway plaque - Eine von den gut ausgebauten Straßen in Kanada

The roads in Canada are very well built out. The most important cities of the country are connected by highways. All highways are numbered and clearly signposted.

Unlike in Europe, on the direction signs usually no city names are shown, but only the highway numbers. Besides the numbering, the cardinal direction is also indicated, in which the highway runs on its entire route. It makes sense, therefore, to memorize the street numbering when planning your trip and to determine the cardinal direction of your destination before you start.

The roads in Canada are classified:

  • Expressways are multi lane main roads in the metropolitan areas comparable to European motorways. They are very well developed, usually in very good condition and are the fastest traffic routes within a region. Please note: some expressways are subject to tolls.
  • The King’s Highways are highways between major cities. They are usually also multi-lane and without intersections. In less densely populated areas they are usually just two lane roads.
  • The other long distance roads, secondary highways and tertiary roads, are mostly two lane roads, which are similar to our country roads.

The sparsely populated interior of the country and the far north are mostly developed by gravel highways. A carefully driving style is absolutely recommended here.