Insects in Canada – Bug repellent

Insects in Canada - Bug repellent

Update 3. March 2024

When and where is a bug repellent advisable

As soon as it gets warm from about middle of May, you should protect yourself in forest regions with a (Canadian) insect repellent against the attacks of Mosquitoes and Black Flies. Especially on calm days or at dusk in the morning and evening, these insects are very active in Canada. Assume that everything that is tiny and black and flies, bites or stings. Light coloured clothing is to be preferred to darker clothing. Make sure to cover as much naked skin as possible.

Protection against insects and insect repellents in Canada

Effective insect repellents are those that contain DEET, e.g. “OFF”. If you are in rural areas or in the bush, you should always carry such an appliance with you and, if necessary, rub all free skin parts with it. Do not forget the back of your hands, hairline and face. For small children there are products that are less concentrated. Especially the Black Flies, but also other insects in Canada, can ruin the most beautiful trip without these insect repellents.

Insects in Canada - Bug repellent
Bug repellent

There are a lot of bug repellents available in Canada. With and without DEET, for the table outdoors, as a candle or lantern and much more. Or take the good old mosquito net, also available everywhere. With this you are protected chemical free.

Insects in Canada - Gazibo
To enjoy a barbeque outdoors, a mosquito screen tent or “Gazibo” is recommended.

You should not use the usual insect repellents from Europe – they are simply ineffective. Nevertheless, there are now some highly effective products that offer reliable protection, even against ticks.

Facts about insects in Canada

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