Medical care in Canada – Emergency Canada

Medical care in Canada - Emergency Canada

Update 3. March 2024

Cost of medical care in Canada

Medical care in Canada is exemplary. However, medical and treatment costs are very expensive. Hospital fees for foreign visitors are calculated either according to daily rates or according to the case of illness and the length of time spent in hospital.

Tariffs vary across the country, with daily rates ranging from CAD 3,000 to CAD 4,000. But intensive care may cost up to CAD 8,000 per day. A visit to the doctor will cost you between CAD 100.00 and CAD 600.00. This is, of course, only for the examination or consultation. Costs for any treatment or medication will be charged separately. It is highly recommended that you conclude an International Health Insurance, minimum 100.000,00 EUR (approx. 145.000,00 CAD) coverage.

Emergency in Canada

The emergencies of the hospitals are open 24 hours a day. In most cities there are ambulant hospitals, which you can visit without making an appointment. The costs depend on the hospital and the amount of treatment. In the yellow pages of the telephone directories you will find hospitals with ambulatory departments under the terms “Clinics, Medical”. 

Medicines are available in the pharmacies, which are very often integrated into drugstores. You can also buy cosmetics and toiletries there. In the meantime, huge drugstores are increasingly being set up along the main roads in the cities. If you are dependent on taking certain medicines, a copy of the prescription in your luggage is very helpful. If necessary, a doctor can then renew this prescription.

The emergency clinics / ambulances are available in emergency cases. The emergency number is 911 everywhere, but if necessary the telephone operator also connects to the police, fire brigade or emergency doctor. He can be reached from all telephone sets under the free number 0. In the event of car breakdowns or accidents, the Canadian Automobil Association CAA can help by calling 800-CAA-HELP.